7 Huge Issues You Really Don’t Hear Obama and Romney Talking About, But Matter a Heck of A Lot

As Published on PolicyMic

Every four years, two of the best (or wealthiest) civic servants burn through millions of dollars, hours, trees, and airwaves to convince us that they are going to be the first commander-in-chief to tackle everything that they mention in their ads and debates.

That, of course, has yet to be the case. But at the very least, voters must demand that our elected officials make an earnest effort to take on the issues that are so often passed on to the next administration like a can getting kicked down Main Street. Our best plead for an answer often lies in the two major candidates’ attempt to capture some of the third party votes by slightly tapping into their platforms.

In the meantime, we are left listening to the same unaddressed (if even noted) topics election after election.

That said, here are seven pressing issues that both President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney have yet to offer an adequate explanation for: Read More


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