Disney Works its Magic: No More Junk Food Ads

First Mayor Bloomberg; now Disney.

This week, the Walt Disney Company took a bold step in the same direction as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg by challenging the too big to constrain culture of the unhealthy foods’ industry.  In an utter display of its trademark corporate social responsibility, Disney will start banning the advertisement and marketing of foods that do not meet their nutritional standards. By 2015, all of the Fruit Loops and Happy Meal commercials that I grew up watching during ABC’s “One Saturday Morning” will be nothing more than an old memory.

Walt Disney’s ban takes Bloomberg’s gesture a million steps further. Not only are fast foods and sugary cereals banned from their airwaves, but all unhealthy foods that do not meet Disney’s criteria will be cut. That includes Capri Suns, Kraft’s Lunchables and the likes. In the most ideal outcome, the ban will accomplish two things: (1) Disney’s competitors—Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network—will follow suit; (2) companies will be forced to create more healthy products if it wishes to get back to marketing to children. Read More


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