Who Should I Vote For In NYC’s Mayor Race? Pick From An NYPD Chief, Lesbian, Asian, African American and … Jon Huntsman

As Published on PolicyMic

As the clock winds down to this year’s election season, New Yorkers are already looking 18 months ahead to what promises to be one of the most interesting and competitive mayoral elections to date. In a city where three-term mayors (Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg) have dominated the political spectrum for the past few decades, 2013 offers a promising opportunity for new blood and fresh ideas to mix things up in the Big Apple.

The prospects for 2013 is appropriately shaping up to be a diverse, yet nearly equally matched pool of candidates that reflect the uniqueness of the city’s population — other cities across the nation should pay close attention and take notes.

Between a ballooning pension fund that is 499% of what it was in 2002, the controversy of Wal-Mart potentially opening up shop and killing New York’s trademark mom and pop shop business environment, and a police department that is scrutinized by city inhabitants as much as it is hailed by the rest of the nation, there are a myriad of hotbed issues in place for 2013. Here is a brief lineup of some of 2013’s favorites and long shots:

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