My Day at the Chase Corporate Challenge

As Published in the Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Porfessionals’ Blog

Nearly 10,000 people in one location for only a brief moment in time. I could never imagine seeing so many different shades, ages, shapes and sizes gathered in one spot in Rochester. The only time I’ve ever seen anything remotely close to the volume and diversity of yesterday’s crowd was at a John Legend concert at R.I.T. two years ago. But yesterday’s tune was not that of a Grammy Award winning pianist; it was the rhythmic sound of breathing and rubber soles pounding on the rocks and granite of R.I.T.

Three-hundred ninety-nine very different companies, ranging from debt collectors to plumbers, packed the college campus for the annual Chase Corporate Challenge — Foodlink was one of them. The atmosphere was one that was eerily familiar to NYC — could it be that Central Park’s Road Runners were supplanted in the ol’ Genesee? Can Rochester possibly have a space where all these organizations of different sizes can set up tents, grill, pop brews, vibe to music, network and enjoy one another? Fortunately, I was proven wrong; unfortunately, it only happens about once a year.

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