Technology: Traditions’ Modern Serial Killer

As Posted on the Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professionals’ Blog

Rewind 15 years back to a trademark New York City heat wave — one that can be taken right out of a scene from Spike Lee’s classic “Do the Right Thing.” In the summer of 1997, I was a stocky 7-year-old trying to take in glimmers of fresh air from my family’s East New York, Brooklyn apartment steps. As I sat alongside my two main amigas, my sister and grandmother, we would watch twenty-something year-olds go by with boom boxes on their shoulders, a basketball underneath their armpits and a dog walking in front of them — no leash of course. Although it was hot, we preferred the muggy outdoors and funky vibe to the dusty fans that oscillated around our intimate sized living room. This is what Brooklynites do, or at least used to.

Around 10 a.m., the delivery man dropped off the NY Daily News and made some corny remark about the heat. But that was just how I envisioned things were supposed to remain: a message from a real life person delivered with a smile that was only half as cheesy as the joke, along with compact and crafty presentation of all the news we needed to know about New York City.

But that was then. Now the most impersonal hero known to mankind is being hailed by tech enthusiast, environmentalist and trend followers who could give a hoot about the culture, jobs and personality that has fallen prey to the modern day serial killer. Coincidentally, I sit here stroking on the keys of the enemy to declare that he, she, or it has assassinated Brooklyn 1997 for everyone…Read More


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