To Finally Defeat Osama Bin Laden, Lower Manhattan Must Continue to Grow

As Published on PolicyMic

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Operation Neptune Spear — the late night slaying of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden by SEAL Team Six. Millions of Americans felt a huge weight leap off their shoulders after receiving the earthshaking news that the brains behind the massacre had been blown to smithereens.

It is completely understandable for the friends and families of victims, armed forces, and any average American to solemnly meditate and exhale. But yesterday’s anniversary should be more than a moment to rest; it should also be a time to act upon one of the longest awaited tomorrows. The apex of America’s response to 9/11 should not be solely measured by what happens in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, or Iran, but by what happens on the very grounds that the attacks took place. Hence, the healing process is tremendously contingent upon the climate and culture that is being reshaped in Lower Manhattan…Read More


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