Arizona Bill is Bold, But Wrong

As Published on PolicyMic

On Wednesday morning, hoards of protesters and supporters of Arizona’s S.B. 1070 rallied in front of the Supreme Court. As the Courts, yet again, deliberate on a politically charged issue that will certainly contribute to this year’s debates, Americans from the Right and Left weigh-in on the constitutionality of what is quite possibly the most controversial immigration law to date.

S.B. 1070 is essentially an overreaching and valiant attempt of states to make up for the federal government’s reluctance to act on long-overdue hotbed issues that have affected the economic, social and civil well-being of the nation for decades. While it is more than understandable that states that infinitely face the tough conundrum of dealing with immigration have grown impatient with the Executive and Legislative branches and choose to take matters into their own hands, that responsibility still rests in the federal government’s pens and papers.

The legitimate grievances that have been expressed on the opposing side of S.B. 1070 are not the ones that condemn the state for practicing “attrition through enforcement,” or the principle of aggressively enforcing all anti-immigration laws to deter the unlawful entry and presence of illegal aliens, nor the ones that engage in moral discourse surrounding the proverbial family and small business that is torn to shreds because of a supposedly hypocritical conservative political climate that “forgets we all were once immigrants.” What truly deserves credence is the contention that the legislation (1) sanctions racial profiling and (2) oversteps state rights. Read More…


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