Seek Your Reminder Moment: Meet People, Transcend the Cubicle

As Posted in the Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professional Blog

Whenever someone thinks of a noble career that allows you to give back to the community and improve the conditions of society, the non-profit sector is often the first field that comes to mind. Some people may even envision non-profit employees walking down the most impoverished streets in the country to work hands-on with their target populations. But that is merely a half truth. A quick internship with just about any non-profit would acquaint you with the realities of the office setting that dominates every American industry.

But people don’t pursue a career in non-profits for the valor of having their own cubicle and unlimited sticky notes; it’s because of the affected segments of society that may not be getting enough help from the government. That is precisely the reason that non-profit employees enter the industry with an unrivaled enthusiasm and optimistic outlook. Unfortunately, some of us may fall victim to office-atrophy and forget why in the world we’re subjecting our eyes to prolonged staring contests with computer monitors (the computer typically wins, by the way). Read More…


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