Kenneth Chamberlain Murder Points to Good Cop vs. Bad Cop Dillemma

As published by PolicyMic

Last week, a grand jury began hearings to determine whether or not White Plains officer Anthony Carelli should be tried for the November 2011 murder of former Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. The tardy hearings began just a day before the former Marine and heart patient’s 69th birthday.

While Chamberlain’s massacre may very well be intertwined with some of the public attention that Trayvon Martin’s slaying brought to excessive force, and tout relations between African American males and policing figures, there is yet another distinctive dilemma that must be raised due to Westchester County DA Janet DiFiore’s handling of the case. The lateness of the hearing, perhaps merely underway because of the pressure and attention given to Martin’s tragedy, as well as the Westchester police department’s initial reluctance to release the name and job status of the accused officer raises the question of how serious law enforcement is about axing out perpetrators of police brutality. Not only do the actions of Carelli perpetuate the violent culture of “Us vs. Them” in the black community, but it also jeopardizes the entire integrity of police departments everywhere and impedes all hope of black and brown communities embracing even the most respectable officers. Read More


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