Nevermind Romney,Young Energy is Obama’s Only Challenge in 2012

As published in the Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professional Blog

Every election season, we learn more and more that the press is hardly an objective news provider as much as it is a prizefight promoter. As the 2012 Presidential election unfolds, news mediums of all sorts continue to paint an image of an HBO Pay-Per-View showdown looming in the midst of Main Street. But their insistence that President Barack Obama may be dethroned by the likes of Mitt Romney are as desperate of a ticket seller as Don King’s disillusioned rants that a washed up Larry Holmes would press the young and untested “Iron” Mike Tyson to his limits in their 1988 faceoff.

While political pundits give Obama a 245 – 242 edge in electoral points with 51 up for grabs in swing states like Virginia, Ohio, Nevada and Colorado, I suspect that the final results will be more of a blowout than the promoters are leading us on. News Corps infatuation with Obama’s 47 percent approval rating (which still towers over former president George W. Bush’s 23 percent rating in 2008) and the 70 percent Gallop poll sample population that thinks that America is heading in the wrong direction (again, significantly better than the 93 percent of Americans who felt that the economy was in a poor state under Bush in 2008) grossly dismisses the role that the public’s dissatisfaction with the GOP ran House, which suffers from an all-time low 11 percent approval rating and a lower ethics rating than that of a car salesman, will play at the ballot.

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