Atlanta tells the truth. What’s the big fuss?

As posted on the Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professional

There seems to be a lot of hoopla surrounding Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s recent ad campaign to battle America’s childhood obesity epidemic. Psychologists from the around the world are flexing their years in the field by slamming the ad for shaming parents, further ostracizing obese youth and fundamentally failing to offer or motivate any sort of progress in the fight against the American phenomena.

I wish I could say that I entirely agree.

Despite the plethora of angry facebook comments and online threads from, presumably, the same parents that the ads are targeting, I do not chastise Children’s Healthcare Atlanta’s boldness and edgy approach. With a third of American youth being obese, a rate that has tripled over the past three decades, the time is ripe for a new strategy. Perhaps all older methods have been futile because they focus on sugarcoating obesity. Whatever the case, frivolous battles to get cartoon characters off of our cereal boxes and the good ‘ol “he’s just big-boned…it runs in the family” arguments are not doing the trick. Read More


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