Keep Your Cards to Yourself: Say No to Casinos

As posted in The Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professionals Blog

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s freshman year in office was nothing short of a 4.0 performance. Very few politicians, whether it is a mayor, governor or president, can boast the political maneuvering and legislative prowess that Gov. Cuomo has demonstrated in his first year of running America’s most obdurate and, at times, inept state governments.  Gov. Cuomo shattered the old image of an Albany filled with the lamest of ducks under the ethics and leadership deficiencies of David Paterson by closing a $10 billion budget gap without raising or setting new taxes and cutting spending for the first time in New York State in 16 years. Not only that, but he passed the $132.5 billion budget on time — a feat that George Pataki and Paterson have convinced me to be practically impossible in my lifetime. Despite the major impression he made with his budgetary mastery, it is likely overshadowed by the mammoth of a constituency he sowed in the LGBT community with the same-sex marriage bill.Read More


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