Policing the Law

As posted on the Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professionals

With the advent of the Occupy protests, activism has met its foe in police misconduct. From instances of excessive force to unfair searches and seizures, a new segment of the public has turned its attention to questionable policing practices.

However, well before Occupy Wall Street was merely a vision, there’s been a growing stream line of New York City based grassroots organizations that challenge the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk — the manifestation of excessive force and illegal search and seizure. The unethical practice is costly, ineffective and continues to perpetuate a taut relationship between officers and communities of color. With the vast majority of the individuals who are stop-and-frisked being people of color (in 2010, 87% of the stop-and-frisks and 90% of the summons were issued to blacks and Latinos, with force being used in 93% of the cases) the policy reinforces the NYPD’s image as an occupying force in inner-city communities that contributes to a pipeline of black youth going from the playground to the prison yard.

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