In Hip-Hop I trust

As published in the Campus Times

Hip-hop isn’t a genre of music it’s a movement, a culture of freedom and community. Yet, it’s often associated with violence and misogyny. It seems as if our morally satiated society is simply too pure for a rebellious culture like hip-hop. But, any rational person should be able to decipher that the hip-hop culture that’s criticized is merely a mirror of the general music industry. However, the commercialization of hip-hop has seemed to be singled out from the Punk Rockers who originally had a social agenda.

Ever since one student told me that he would never listen to Jay-Z because he’s not into the whole ‘shooting” and ‘violent” thing, I’ve felt a social obligation to deter this contagious ignorance on our campus especially as an active member of UR Hip-Hop where our quest is to recapture hip-hop’s essence.

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