I’ve Got the Point: OWS Decoded

As the haughty media continues to shake its finger of disapproval at the OWS demonstrators like an angry parent who demands their child to explain the reasons for their temper tantrum, they are entirely missing the point; so have I, until a recent Teach-in that at NYU I attended this evening.

I’m sure the first thing you’re probably thinking is “what can this kid possibly say that we haven’t all already heard? There is no platform or proposed policies that they can even agree on! These kids are just venting about our nation’s economic turmoil. Besides a blizzard, there’s no end in sight.”

The way we’re trying to interpret OWS is precisely the problem. We, including myself, have been conditioned to look at movements in the context of our traditional political way of sorting through complaints and pinpointing policies to counteract them. Now that OWS has everyone’s attention, many people believe that it’s most wise for them to cease the moment and uniformly explain themselves. Now we all wait and listen for their platform, just as the once undermined Tea Party was able to culminate their series of grievances with.

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