The media is ignoring gun control

From the Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professional blog

If the tragedy that occurred in Tuscan, Arizona last Saturday weren’t sobering enough, the media’s attempt to make sense of the shooting has only exacerbated the ordeal. As a mostly liberal-Democrat, I was somewhat embarrassed by the recent blood stained yellow journalism that’s been appearing in the Daily News and New York Times alike. After having a lengthy Facebook war with an overly liberal friend of mine, I’ve felt as if I compromised my own sanity by having to use terms like ‘bi-partisan’ tragedy. Really? Has it really come to the point that political enthusiasts are so caught up in our self-created ‘us vs. them’ two-party war that one side needs to be held accountable for everything under the sun, while the righteous-side lays down the law for its chosen people from the top of Capitol Hill? The liberal media’s audacious accusation that rhetoric is the trident betwixt the satanic conservatives’ clutches is as, if not more, divisive as the crime of “overly aggressive campaigning” that they accuse them of.

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