Saving Nicole

In one courtroom in Brooklyn, there is a young lady crying in her mother’s bosom, awaiting her fate which lies in the stroke of a judge’s gavel on the eve of Mother’s Day. But in another courtroom, under the same roof, there are 60 men sharing a good laugh with a NYPD representative as they prepare for a 6 hour course that will clear them of their participation in an even graver criminal act.

Meet Nicole — a 15 year-old African American girl who was walking home to her East New York apartment when the L-train went out of service. As she walked down her normal route, one man drove up to her and offered her a ride home — she gets in. Little did she know that the man would take her all the way to Queens, lock her in his pad, anally rape her continuously and force her to have sex with roughly 20 men over the course of a few days.

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