KEY students run micro-farm, a sustainable option

As published in the Campus Times

Toss the lettuce, hold the buns, add the peppers — but where did they come from?
While the origin of Dining Services’ produce may not be in the backs of students’ minds when they’re drooling over a juicy Commons burger, 2011 Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year students Caitlin Smigelski and Annalise Kjolhede are working hard to increase the likelihood that the produce we eat is grown by our very own peers.

Smigelski and Kjolhede, both environmental science majors, started a nonprofit micro-farm under the guidance of the Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence earlier this year. As their KEY project, “Student Supported Agriculture,” description states, “The aim is to create a campus garden in which UR students and community members can cultivate edible crops such as vegetables and herbs to either be sold to Dining Services or used for their own consumption.”

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