Juvenile Delinquency, or a Delinquent System

Is it the system or the players? The policymakers or the stakeholders? Of course, this isn’t a new sentiment; it is the cliché stance that we have all taken in a paper or two for our high school government or social studies class. But no matter how platitude the comment may seem, we cannot deny its relevance to the current juvenile delinquency system that has crippled children, parents, taxpayers and our communities alike. That is why I will be hosting “Juvenile Delinquency, or a Delinquent System” out of the Interfaith Chapel this Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

For the past few months, the juvenile prison system has become a hot topic for NY politicians. Mayor Bloomberg was the first to point out how wasteful the current system is for taxpayers. As it currently stands, it costs roughly $350,000/bed each year to cover medical, operational, and patrol shift costs for NY centers (the national average is $43,000/bed). Meanwhile, 10 of the 25 facilities are less than half full, including one center that Bloomberg and Al Sharpton visited in Brooklyn that only had one inmate.

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