Jones vs. Hopkins II teases fans for 17 years

As published in the Campus Times

The eighth season of the ’80s television series ‘Dallas” produced one of the worst finales in the history of drama: The protagonist, Pam Ewing, wakes up and sees her once late husband, Bobby Ewing, alive and well. Devoted fans pissed their pants and foamed at the mouth as they were left with the lackluster conclusion that the past three seasons of ‘Dallas” were all a part of one long dream that Pam had on a rough night. Fans had followed the plot, night after night, season after season, just to discover that their anticipation was all in vain.

On Saturday at the Mandalay Bay, Bernard Hopkins, 45, and Roy Jones Jr., 41, were victims of the “Dallas’ Syndrome.’ However, two seasons weren’t good enough for Jones and Hopkins. Instead, the two boxing legends bickered for 17 years, teasing their adoring fans with a potential rematch of their 1993 title bout in the Middleweight division. They promised that their bitter feud would end one day in fireworks, jabs, atomic bombs and, most importantly, answers. The only reason that the fight never happened was because the fighters’ egos were too big to agree on who would get the larger half of the purse.

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