Is Albany broke? Or was it just the Dems? We’ll see when the Republicans take the majority

Democrat and Chronicle’s Young Professional Blog

As Republicans make their majority transition into Albany, I think that both sides can agree that 2010 left NY Democrats with a junkyard full of shameful memories. From Albany shutdowns, excessive spending and frivolous ethics charges, NY Dems embraced the novella side of politics.

Before I continue, I want to make the disclaimer that I generally consider myself to be a Democrat (although, I prefer to use my own discretion on a case-by-case basis). But even the leftist of papers—such as my personal favorite read, the NY Daily News— gave every rational being a reason to wish on a star for Albany to undergo some serious changes. With the Republicans sitting in the majority seat, there is certainly a burden to prove that the past issues faced in Albany was a fundamental product of the Democrats, and not a systemic problem that exists amongst all NY politicians

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