If Helping a Supporter Helps the Community, then its More Almond than Pork

In today’s NY Daily News, there was yet another article that condemns a politician for supposedly wasting “taxpayer dollars” and funneling it to a former supporter/friend. The infamous “pork” has always been a recurring taboo that politicians of all walks of their career are constantly tarred and feathered for by news publications. But this is hardly pork – local dollars are being used for local initiatives. Although, I’ll admit that I come from a sacrilegious school of thought where a little bit of pork can be good for the bones.

Even when I was younger, I was baffled when the media clattered over Mayor Rudy Giuliani convincing the national government to side with him when he shunned President Clinton for line-item vetoing New York City targeted pork; that was after my dad told me the difference between the pork in my Egg-McMuffin and the one in the papers. I thought to myself, if Giuliani was chosen to help improve the economic conditions in NYC, and an organization that he had close ties with was effectively doing so, then why weren’t his actions being lauded? But of course, at age 8, I didn’t articulate in that fashion; more like an incredulous eye-brow lift and the flicker of the remote to switchover to reruns of Scooby Doo on Cartoon Network on channel 63.

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