Afrikanza celebrates Africa and culture: the examination of stereotypes and misconceptions of Africa on the UR campus

Music, food, good company and culture managed to bring people indoors on the sunniest day in Rochester so far this year. On Saturday, April 9, from 6 to 8 p.m., students, family and faculty, including Assistant Political Science Professor Valerie Sinclair-Chapman and Office of Minority Students’ Affairs Counselor Thomas Crews, sold out the May Room for the Pan-African Students’ Association’s second annual Afrikanza exhibition — a culmination to this year’s Africa Week. But Afrikanza was not merely a cultural showcase and gathering — it was a celebration and denunciation of prevalent stereotypes about the continent.

“Not only are we showcasing the richness of Africa and its culture, but we want to educate people about the real Africa by taking on stereotypes,” sophomore and PASA president Marius Kothor said in her opening statements.

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