40 Years Since the Attica Riots; What has Changed?

Nearly 40 years ago, over 1,200 men stood up to a stagnant and ferocious system and demanded to be treated like human beings. Four days later, 43 were killed by the system, the state, and not one of their reasonable democratic requests were met. Now, the massacre that shook the news media from September 9 – 13 in 1971 has faded into obscure pop culture references in the likes of Sponge Bob Square Pants episodes. But never mind yesterday’s shortcomings—Attica is now!

As we approach the 40th Anniversary of the massacre at Attica’s max security penitentiary, it is important for us to not only remember what happened, but to evaluate the progress of our prison system and to continue the fight for the basic human rights that every American, despite their past record, is entitled to.

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