From the Pressbox: Olympic boxing

As published in the Campus Times

While watching Sylvester Stallone’s ‘wrinklerific” performance in ‘Rocky Balboa,” my roommate said to me, ‘I wonder why boxing isn’t an Olympic sport.” I was somewhat taken aback, but I later came to find out that the majority of my Rochester peers were in the same boat. More than half of the residents of Crosby Hall had no idea that boxing was an Olympic sport. As an advent fan and participant of the sport, it was a shame to see how a sport that has historical significance and even biblical reference could shadowbox its own self into a dark corner.

Olympic-style boxing involves a unique scoring system. The two boxers have white circles on the ends of their boxing gloves. To score a point, the white portion of the glove has to land cleanly on the opponent. Five world-class judges are situated around the ring so that they can see the punches from different angles. When a judge sees that the white portion of the glove has landed cleanly, he must press a button within three seconds of the punch. The punch isn’t recorded unless three out of five of the judges press the button for the same punch within three seconds. Under those regulations, it doesn’t take a boxing expert to realize that combos and many other punches go unrecorded. It is simply unlikely for five guys, sitting at five different spots, to hit a button three times for a three-punch combo within three seconds of each other. My tongue is tied just by imagining the odds.

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