Campus Climate survey discussed

As published in the Campus Times

UR groups sponsored special events in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. for the week of Jan. 16 to Jan. 23.

On Jan.19, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Campus Diversity Roundtable held a Campus Climate Conversation from 1 to 5:30 p.m. in the Simon School of Business. The event consisted of a series of presentations and discussions about the results of the 2008 Campus Climate Survey. Representatives from Financial Aid Services, Admissions, University Health Service, Residential Life, Office of Minority Student Affairs, Campus Diversity Roundtable, the engineering department, the political science department and history department were in attendance.

Dean of the College Richard Feldman and Dean of Eastman School of Music Douglas Lowry sent out the Campus Climate Survey in March 2008. The survey was a follow-up to a series of focus groups that were held in February 2008. Students had the opportunity to complete the survey for two weeks. The survey consisted of five open-ended response questions, which returned approximately 175 different concerns from respondents.

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